Musical Breaks Contests

These contests are aired only on occasion and typically as extra or fill in contests. I play excerpts, typically 8-10 seconds long, of three top 20 oldies songs, but I only play the instrumental breaks or non-vocal parts of these songs. The first person to identify all three song titles, in the order they are heard and all on the same chat line, will be the winner

With these contests we also have a waiting period or delay in the chatroom before any guesses are allowed. Without this guessing delay, we often end up with some folks guessing, while others are still listening to the actual contest itself. The delay involves an easy procedure where right before these contests start, one of the judges will post a bright red banner in chat asking that all guesses (and chat) be held until the green go ahead banner is placed into chat. I do this myself and it's 30 seconds after I hear the contest itself finish on my end.

As rules and key points go, that's it for the Musical Breaks contests. If you have any ideas you would like to forward to me or if you just want to provide some feedback, feel free to email me at

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