These contests involve me playing three tunes, where I identify each song. The objective is to figure out what the connection, common thread or theme is. The theme could involve the song titles, the artists or groups, who wrote the songs, what is heard in the songs or music itself (i.e. all the songs have bongos in the mix) or or a myriad of other possibilities. For many of these connection sets contests a knowledge of music and/or oldies is not needed. For example, the song titles may all contain the same word, or the artists or groups have a color in their name.

This is one of the few contests that does not have many rules, except one. The intended connection' is the only one that counts when it comes to declaring a winner. I do thoroughly check for alternate or other possible connections before hand and I do make changes to avoid such a scenario. However, sometimes there are still other themes or connections that get discovered and guessed. If this occurs we will give the guesser an honorable mention only.

You can start guessing as soon as you wish, and as often as you'd like. The first person to guess the theme or connection correctly, according to myself and any judges assisting me (there are usually two) will be declared the winner.

As rules and key points go, that's basically it for Connection Sets. A number of the connection set ideas do come from our listeners. So if you have a connection set idea you'd like to send me or if you just want provide some feedback, feel free to email me at

Connection Sets

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